Visual Artist Support

Are you a visual artist who hates writing about your work? We can help. From bios and artist statements to resumes and CVs, AM/FM Broadcast assists with amplifying your work. Ask us about exhibition trailers (video previews) and social media management.
We support musicians and bands, too!

Video Production

Check out our YouTube page for frequent new material created for our clients and by our collaborators. AM/FM Broadcast believes in the power of narrative and using audio, video, and written word to convey compelling stories. We produce music videos, commercial content, livestream media, and more.

Promotional Support

Ask about our publicity resources, social media management, and creative solutions to all types of promotional needs. AM/FM Broadcast believes in a strong pre-event presence and crafts innovative post-promotional programs to keep digital media relevant and working for our clients.


Alli Marshall

Telling stories and amplifying the narratives of underrepresented voices is Alli’s passion

She brings 20 years of professional writing and editing experience. Her career history includes copywriting and editing, arts journalism, creative writing, and script writing. She’s garnered awards in journalism, headline writing, co-production of festival guides and multimedia arts coverage, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

The addition of digital media components to Alli’s toolkit increased her ability to share her clients’ messages. From the efforts of non-profit organization to the creative projects of independent artists, Alli expands platforms through dynamic videos that reach audiences while building bridges of empathy and understanding.